Frank R. Biron, CPA a Managing Shareholder at Melanson Heath was a guest speaker at the September 18, 2014 Annual Emerging Issues Forum of the Public Employees Retirement Administration Commission (PERAC).  Frank’s session was shared with Linda Bournival, an actuary from KMS Actuaries. Their presentation demonstrated the collaboration that will be required by the retirement boards, its accounting staff, actuary, investment advisor and independent auditor together with the employer Cities/Towns/Schools in order to successfully meet the requirements of GASB 67 & 68.

The presentation was made to approximately 350 retirement board members, staff and municipal officials.  For more information on GASB 67 & 68 refer to our June, 2014 newsletter. A copy of the Power Point presentation is available on our website through the following link (GASB 67-68 PowerPoint).


Frank will be a participant in the Massachusetts Municipal Auditors & Accountants Association fall conference on November 6th. The presentation will focus on how GASB 68 will affect Massachusetts local government financial statements, and how the towns will record the new net pension liability, deferred inflows/outflows, and pension expense in their financial statements.

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