It has been brought to our attention that the DESE has made some changes to the upcoming End of Year Report.  As a courtesy to our clients, we want to bring these changes to your attention so that you may properly report them as you are completing the EOYR this upcoming year.

  1. The DESE has created a new function – 5150 Employee Separation Costs.  This function was included on Schedule 19 in FY13 and is now included in both Schedule 1 and Schedule 19 in FY14.  All costs related to vacation and sick leave buyback/accruals, severance payments, insurance costs, and other benefits  associated with employee terminations/retirements should now be reported in function 5150.  In the past, these costs were most likely reported within the same function as the employees’ salaries.
  1. The DESE has changed how Collaborative Tuitions are to be reported.  In the past, DESE EOYR instructions for lines 1820 and 2260 Tuitions to Collaboratives specifically stated to report “payments to member collaboratives”.  As a result, we recommended reporting non-member collaboratives on lines 1770 and 2210 Tuitions to Mass Schools.  This year, the DESE has changed the instructions for lines 1820 and 2260 to specifically state to record “tuition payments to Collaboratives for pupils enrolled in collaborative programs.”   As a result, ALL tuitions paid to a Collaborative institution should be reported on lines 1820 or 2260.

We hope that this provides some assistance when completing the EOYR this year.  Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.   Phone: 1.800.282.2440