In our “Meet the Team” series you will get to meet different team members throughout our firm, and in a fun way!

Danielle Fitzpatrick, CPA

Commercial Tax Division
Greenfield, MA Office



What is the most relaxing place you have ever been?
The four generation family farm I grew up on which has been in operation for 124 years. Whether it’s the green pastures full of dandelions in the spring, the smell of freshly mowed grass in the summer, the foliage in the fall, or watching my kids get to experience the farm life, it really is the most peaceful, relaxing place I have ever been.

What is the most impressive thing that you know how to do?
I’m not so sure it’s impressive, but I love to scrapbook. I’m talking spending hours and sometimes days creating books of special events in our lives, books that will create special memories for my kids and generations to follow.

If you could make one rule that everyone had to follow, what would it be?
If you asked me six years ago, I would’ve said be on time. However, two kids later and I can’t seem to follow my own rule anymore! So I’ll use my second, “Be Kind, Work Hard & Smile Often!”

What are you addicted to?
I guess you can say I’m addicted to taking pictures, more specifically of my kids and family! I try to capture every moment, every potential memory to the point where my phone is constantly telling me the storage is full!

What hobby would you get into if time and money were not an issue?
If I had the time and money, I would love to take some professional photography classes. Yes, I already take a million pictures, but none of them compare to photos by a professional.