For almost 25 years, Lori Liberty and David Heath have shared the same professional aspirations and ambitions as CPAs and owners in the Nashua-based regional accounting firm of Melanson Heath & Company.  While they were building their careers at the firm, they have also shared another passion: the Boy’s and Girls Club of Nashua.  Since the 1990’s, Lori and David have been on their Board of Directors and have both served as President and Treasurer, a position that Lori holds (again) today.

At the time, David was working with the Church of the Good Shepherd helping them with a new automated accounting process.  A member of the Boys Club Board, also working on the project, asked if David would like be Treasurer for the Club.  David enjoyed learning more about the community and, being a parent of two young boys, was attracted to the mission of the Club.  He accepted the opportunity.  Lori had a more direct relationship.  Lori was building her career as a CPA but spent her yearly years living in downtown Nashua and her husband was a member of the Club when he was growing up.  So, after a few years when David wanted to transition from the Treasurer slot, it was an easy decision for Lori to step in.  The two are still very involved in the Club today serving on and chairing committees and Lori has once again taken on the Treasurer position.

Community outreach and service has become part of the culture at Melanson Heath.  Over the years, in addition to Lori and David, their fellow owners and staff also serve on boards of other local non-profit organizations.  The firm also sponsors many local fundraising events as part of its Corporate citizenship and culture.  “We appreciate the support from our fellow shareholders that not only allows us the time for this great organization, but also supports events financially through the firm’s corporate sponsorships'”.

Last week, as part of the Nashua Telegraph’s feature story, Lori and David were nominated and selected as the Nashua “Community Business Heros“.