On May 1st, 2014, Kelly Minardi, an accountant at Melanson Heath & Company, went back to her alma mater – Westfield State University (WSU).  Kelly was one of five other alumni invited to be on the Accounting Club’s panel to speak to current students about her journey and transition from student to accountant.   

Kelly obtained both her undergraduate and graduate degrees from WSU.  “During my studies at WSU, I created many connections with faculty members and we have kept in touch post-graduation.  It was great to be invited back to share the process I went through: internships, graduate program, job-searching, and my career with Melanson Heath & Co.”  Kelly said the experience of being on the Accounting Club’s panel was very rewarding.  “It felt great to give back to the students.  Especially, because I was in their shoes not too long ago, and I remember how nerve-wracking the process can be.”

The intent of the Westfield State Accounting Club, according to their website, is to “provide information to interested students, to expose students to different aspects of the accounting profession, to enable students to interact with members of the account profession and local community, and to conduct programs which will carry out the above purposes.” Kelly says the Accounting Club is a success.  “I had many questions that had been answered through meetings such as this one during my studies at WSU, and I wanted to be able to share my own personal experiences with the students.”

During the May 1st Accounting Club event, about 25 students were in attendance eager to learn about internships, the hiring process, and how to stand out to an employer.  “I think they were able to take a lot from the meeting, and will be more confident going into these processes.  Overall, it was a great experience! I was happy to have been a part of it!”  Kelly Minardi is a municipal auditor in the Nashua office.  She joined Melanson Heath & Co. in 2013.