Summer is winding down but it is time to ramp up our activity and create some good, healthy habits to last through those long winter months. At the very least maybe we can lose a few of the pounds that we are going to gain during our busy season hibernation.

During the month of September we as a firm are participating in “Melanson Heath on the Move”. We have broken the firm into teams, because we all like a little competition and challenged everyone to get out and move. Each person was issued a pedometer; we can’t have any unfair advantages. We asked everyone to log their steps for the entire month. Weekly they report to their team leader and the team totals are shared in our weekly newsletter. It has been a team building and motivating process. People have commented that they notice a difference in their steps just from making small changes, such as parking in a further parking spot or walking to a further printer. Every little bit helps!

Encouraging a healthy lifestyle is important in any community. If you and your coworkers are up for the challenge grab your sneakers and start moving!

By: Jennifer Reddington