Fraud can be a drain – not only on your company’s finances, but the overall health and morale of your company. Oftentimes, it is the seemingly most trusted, most innocuous person that is the perpetrator, leaving everyone with a sense of betrayal, anger and mistrust. Recovering from fraud is a long and arduous path and, if left undiscovered for too long, could ultimately cause irreparable damage to a company and its stakeholders.

Melanson Heath has been proactively fighting fraud since it opened its doors in 1976. Our over 30 years of experience in instituting financial controls and processes has made us uniquely qualified to prevent fraud by quickly identify potential vulnerabilities and red flags.  While no system of internal controls can prevent someone from attempting fraud, we can design a system that ensures such action will be detected quickly – thus minimizing the impact and maximizing your chances of recovery.

Should you suspect fraud, we have a team of auditors experienced in forensic accounting, led by a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), specially trained to identify markers of fraudulent activity. Our experienced professionals will guide you through the process as we:

  • Perform forensic audits to determine if there is evidence of fraud
  • Identify fraudulent method(s) used and document the amount of possible loss
  • Advise when to notify legal counsel, your insurance carrier, or law enforcement
  • Provide expert testimony
  • Prepare documentation for insurance claims, criminal proceedings, and civil action

As we assist in resolving your urgent situation, we will also evaluate your existing internal control structure to identify weakness and recommend improvements to prevent re-occurrence.